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For details of the Assembly and of events and information for the over 50s, please click on the links to the left or contact us by post, telephone or email.


Welcome to the updated format of our Website. The website has, we believe, been formated so that where solely information is provided it is presented clearly, without distracting clutter. Pages which however that are required to provide a more comprehensive coverage are still in our established format. The biggest change is that new pages can be added or old pages deleted more easily, as the general appearance is now managed by software rather than manually as before, thanks to the work of Stephen, Colin & Paul from Aviva Ltd. who donated their time & expertise freely. This means that 'any' member may provide information in the form of a simple text file, or alternativly more sophisticated presentations can be produced, as for example the reports of the Open Meetings. Members Suggestions and comments will continue to format the content.

Contact Us!

If you are over 50 and interested in learning more about the work of YOPA and perhaps becoming a member, browse this website or phone the office on 01904 202293 - Tricia is there on Monday and Thursday mornings.

Contact details:

49 North Moor Road,
York, YO32 9QN

Tel: 01904 202293


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